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About The Maltese Bichón

The origin of this unique breed of Bichón Maltes can be located more than 3000 years ago on the Island of Meleda, Croatia, although the first references we have of the race come from African country Egypt. In the 13th century a. c. tombs of pharaohs with statues reminiscent of much of the Maltese Bichón have been found.

It is mainly characterized by the ability that these dogs have to hunt mice and rats, which is why in the past it was very easy to locate, since it was their natural habitat, in the port areas of the Mediterranean. Taking advantage to hunt down their prey on ships and warehouses.

Its name Maltese comes from the word Málat, which means port, a word used in cities and towns with ports, such as Dalmatia island which may be one of the origins of these dogs.
It is also said that the origin of the Maltese Bichón may be on the Italian island of Sicily.

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